PLT / 8635200 Canada Inc. – Specialized in pylon markings

PLT Canada Inc. was founded by BDCL President Eric Dubé in 2013 and specializes in all types of pylon marking.

Our marking experience allows us to offer adapted and personalized support for your projects. PLT Canada Inc.’s acquired technological skills stem from working with important suppliers over the years and assures the highest quality techniques.

Our technicians are trained to exclusively mark for all suppliers whether in high or low intensity.

We have all the equipment and the material needed in the case of multiple breaks in our existing marking systems. We sell specialized FAA and Transport Canada products. We also offer the possibility of tracking your marking system with NAV and Transport Canada.

Whatever function your pylons fulfill, any elevated structure must be light-marked per its height and the obstacle that requires identifying.

For detailed information concerning our installation and maintenance services for telecommunication towers or wireless networking, contact our team of specialists.

We honor certain supplier guarantees.