Installation and maintenance of wireless networks and telecommunications towers

Installation services are available for all types of structures: telecommunications towers, stand-alone or guyed towers, tri-poles, simple poles, posts, and even adapted structures for indoor sites such as shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and more. We’re also skilled at setting up temporary installations for special events in locations such as: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Plaines d’Abraham, Fêtes gourmandes, Festi-bière, Osheaga, to name just a few.

Telecommunication towers and network maintenance services,

Telecommunication towers installation, wireless network set-up and maintenance services

BDCL is proud to fulfill all customer needs for telecommunications pylons and wireless network setup, extension or maintenance in several countries around the world. Here is a list of proposed services :

  • Line and antenna installation: PCS, Iden, GPS, LTE, CDMA, HSPA SMALL CELL…
  • Microwave link installation and canvas replacement
  • Indoor wireless network installation and maintenance
  • Fibre optic cable setup
  • Network maintenance services
  • Additional equipment mounting on existing structure or equipment and/or structure dismantling.
  • Structural verification, equipment support, grounding and guying
  • Mounting, building and maintenance of telecommunication towers
  • Temporary tower rental
  • Fibre optics (remplacement and/or installation, verification)

Telecommunication cable and line workers

Telecommunications cable and line workers have an unusual and admirable job. Climbing pylons isn’t for the faint of heart and whether it’s a monopole, a free standing or guyed tower, it takes skilled technicians with rigor and professionalism to install and maintain wireless networks and telecommunications pylons. At BDCL, we have such a team.

Normally set-up to work in teams of two, line and cable workers must install, test and make sure everything is running well with telecommunications equipment. This includes:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Installing new equipment
  • Constructing complete or temporary sites
  • Moving equipment when required
  • Dismantling sites
  • Installing markers in collaboration with the PLT team, partners of BDCL inc.

At BDCL, our clients truly matter and we have emergency telecommunications teams available on call, every weekend.

Equipment and infrastructures

Our state-of-the-art propositions allow us to resolve the most unexpected customer requests and our service is supported by:

  • A fleet of fully-equipped pick-up trucks.
  • A bucket truck
  • Several open and closed trailers
  • A tractor and an excavator
  • Snowmobiles
  • Quad / 4-wheeler
  • A 5500+ sq.ft. warehouse fully stocked with replacement parts and antennas

Interested in our skills? We’re happy to provide information on our telecommunications pylon installations, our wireless network maintenance services or our fibre optic cabling. For more information about our services, contact our team today.