BDCL inc.

BDCL Inc. – A federally regulated company

BDCL. Inc’s headquarters are located in Delson on Montreal’s South-Shore. Constantly growing, we serve an increasing number of clients at lower costs and now have offices in the Quebec City and Gatineau regions, offering competitive, local rates. Satisfying our customers is a priority and we’re able to respond quickly and efficiently when our services are required.

BDCL’s goal is to always respond adequately to requests, big or small. This is made possible with qualified, well-informed staff, complete inventory and a well-equipped fleet of vehicles.

We offer services such as installing and markings for telecommunications, wireless networking, fibre optic cabling or mold and asbestos decontamination. These services are available 7 days a week on a 24-hour basis. We offer our customers our expertise as an experienced fiber optics contractor.

Quality and service

Each employee is held to a confidentiality agreement that protects information obtained while working on BDCL projects in our warehouse or on location with our customers. Work agreements can be amended in order to comply with our clients specific needs.


BDCL is covered by a $5 000 000 to $10 000 000 CAD liability insurance that can be adapted per the scope of your project. We’re pleased to mention the excellent liability insurance and retirement plans offered to our employees. We also have valid E&O insurance.

Service regions

Quebec, the Maritimes, Ontario and more