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Installation, inspection and maintenance of wireless networks since 1990

Since its inception in 1990, BDCL has stood out for its reliable, professional and personalized service as a telecommunications company. Always on the cutting-edge of new technologies, BDCL strives for excellence and works tirelessly in order to offer superior, quality service to its clients and remain well ahead of industry standards. With acquired experience in both local and international markets throughout the years, the company has been able to execute projects in different countries.

A telecommunications company with experienced specialists

With a combined 50 years experience in the telecommunications industry, Bertrand Dubé, BDCL’s founder and Eric Dubé, president and current owner, offer a wealth of applied know-how. Passionate about getting things just right, founder Bertrand Dubé made sure values such as integrity, loyalty and perseverance were passed down to Eric and his team. Open-minded and eager to learn, the younger Dubé continued to evolve and grow, maintaining the company’s very high standards in the field.

Our telecommunications company’s workforce is built with experienced, qualified staff that flawlessly handles the industry’s needs.

Fiber Optics Contractors

BDCL. Inc are fiber optics contractors serving an increasing number of clients at competitive, lower costs with local rates from offices in and around Quebec City, Gatineau, Montreal’s South Shore and outside Canada. Responding quickly and efficiently, qualified, well-equipped fibre optics contractors adapt to customer requests whether installing or marking for telecommunications, wireless networking or fibre optic cabling. Available 24/7, services range from needs assessment, structural verification, mounting, building, maintenance and repair.

For more information about our network maintenance services, contact our team of experts.

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